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Money is such a big issue to people nowadays. We never feel contented on things so we tend to overspend our money. At the end, we are so broke and we don’t have our own personal savings. If you are tired with this life dilemma and want to start changing, then this three tips will help you out in seeking that financial freedom every one of us desires.

  1. Pay Yourself First

Most people forget about paying themselves first or saving up before paying others like buying new clothes in a newly open boutique. It’s good to live in the present, but consider the outcome of your future when you won’t start saving now. It’s very easy to start saving your money. Every time you get your work salary, keep the 5% of it inside your piggy bank or your true bank account. There are many things to save up, you should have your own emergency funds in case something bad will happen to you or one of your family members. If you have this, then no need to borrow some money just to finance yourself for the medicines and all. These savings will eventually save your life and ten to twenty years from now, you will be thanking yourself that you started saving up as early as now.

  1. Make a Budget Plan

We usually overspend because we never make a budget plan for ourselves. We always spend, spend, spend, but we never save, save, save. Making a budget plan, as you can find out here, will help you in monitoring your daily expenses. There are many ways of budgeting, it will depend on you on how much percentage of your salary will you put for food, for leisure, and the bills. If you have started making a budget plan today, then it would be easier for you to save.


  1. Free Yourself From Debts

Debt is the number one protagonist in our financially freedom journey. If you always end up borrowing some money from your family, from your friends, from your workmates, and from a financial institution, then you should stop by now. It is not helping you. If you think you cannot survive without having debts, then think again. Contemplate on things that make you borrow money. Is it really that important? Is it really a need more than a want? Or is it just to keep up what is hip at the-the present time? There are so many reasons why people borrow money. If we enumerate all their excuses and get a penny for each, then we will be a millionaire by now. The important thing here is, if you really want to be financially free, then be a debt-free person. You cannot separate the two, ever. So start setting your priorities and learn how to stop impulsive shopping or what that makes you oh-so-broke!

Now you have three tips you can follow to start your financial freedom journey, you can start making a change for yourself now. It will not be easy, but with perseverance and proper discipline, you can achieve your goal!